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    Make Tidy a Habit!


Don't put it down, put it away!

Biggest Clutter Creator: "I'll do it later." Hang your coat up when you come in the door. Open your mail and sort immediately. Try to deal with the dishes right after yo
u use them. Recognize the bad practices and replace them with better habits that will help you day to day.
Put like with like: Group similar items together; designate a drawer, shelf, or basket for a category that could be chargers, gift cards, hair ties, or batteries. So many times I go into a home and find batteries stored in hallway closets, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom drawers. Trust me, grouping like with like cuts down your time searching for those items.

Do the kids take their shoes off at the door and leave them? Put a shoe rack there and when the shoe rack is overflowing, time for shoes to go to their closets. One of two pairs per person by the door max. Have a key ring and a coat rack by the door also, so you're not trying to remember where you placed them. Is the coat rack over flowing? move some to the closet, or get rid of some, maybe you just have to many.

 Let Go of

"Have no fear of perfection - you will never reach it."
alvador Dalí

Progress not perfection. You cant be perfect at everything, but you can gain progress on a daily basis.
Court McCee

Homes are made to be lived in. They don't need to look like  you walked into a magazine. You have 3 kids, 2 pets, a husband who is like your 4th child, and your house is the go to house for every kid in the neighborhood? . your house is going to look lived in! This is OK! Stop stressing about what people will think! All you need is a little help to get organized and then you work on your families daily responsibilities of making tidy a habit! ☺

      If Everything is Precious,
         Nothing is Precious!

Having to much can prevent you from seeing beauty in each item you do have. Discarding most of your children's craft projects after praising them DOES NOT make you a bad parent. I have a small file container with a folder for each kid and I usually only keep certificates. If I kept every little piece of artwork I would need a storage unit ☺

Decide how much space you want to allocate to a particular category  like my small file system for certificates  and stick to it! Designate a shelf in the closest for sweaters, if you buy a new one and the shelf is full, one has to go.

When I go shopping, I will not buy something if I can't vision where it is going to go in my home. If I can't think of a space in the store, it doesn't have a space in my home. Why? because when I get home it has to go somewhere right?


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